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Our Auction is now Open!


Hello Friends,


We've been quite busy with adoptions at Greytful Hearts and that's a good thing!

We have exceeded the number of adoptions this year than last year and this year isn't quite over yet!

We wanted to send this letter to give an update as to the new fosters that will be arriving in October and November and to let everyone know that we will be hosting one final fundraiser of 2017 in October. We are going to have another online auction fundraiser and have decided to try hosting it on Facebook.  We created a new Facebook Page just for the Auction.


The link for it is:

We hope you will check it out, as we are adding items daily to the "Album" and we are sure that there will be something of interest to just about anyone!

We could also use more items to help make this Auction a success, so if you would like to donate an item, please email me ASAP at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a photo and description of the item and I'll be sure to add it right away to the Auction page.

***The auction is now open for bidding and will close on Sunday, October 15th at 10 pm***

We are expecting a new male foster, a blue brindle named Wildfire who will be arriving the first weekend of October from Florida.  He already has 2 families who would like to meet him!


We also are going to be welcoming 7 cat friendly females from Kansas! Their names are Flossie, Fizzle, Kacee, Lucy, Hermoine, Abby, and Morgan.  The October haul will be bringing some of these girls, we know that Flossie and Fizzle will be on the October haul for sure, and we're waiting to hear who of the other 5 girls will also be on that same haul and which will be coming on the next haul in November.

So as you can see, we will be very busy in the upcoming weeks between the Auction Fundraiser and welcoming new foster hounds!


We will be facing a lot of expenses, including $700 just for the haul fees to get the 7 girls here from Kansas as well as an additional minimum of at least $1500 for the vetting costs to have the girls spayed, dental cleanings and vaccinations. Thus, the need for this Online Auction Fundraiser in October to be a success.


Monetary donations are always welcomed and deeply appreciated and can be made on our websitewhere you will find a "donate" button on the main page. You do not need to have a paypal account to utilize this, it accepts debit and credit cards.


Please let me express my deepest thanks to each of you for your support and generosity to Greytful Hearts.  We can't do this without you!


Take care,




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