Ready for a Forever Home!!
Meet Warbie!
This dear boy is 8 years old and was returned after 2 1/2 years in his home.  He has a very sweet, loving disposition, very affectionate.  
His previous adopters recently had a baby and due to Warbie's possessiveness with things such as his bones, they didn't want to take a chance that their baby could be harmed.
Warbie's ideal forever home would be a quiet, adult only home with a fenced in yard.  He can be an only dog or can live with other dogs if they have easy-going, passive personalities.  Warbie will need a home without cats.
Warbie truly is a lovebug and just needs the right home who can accommodate his needs.


Greytful Hearts welcomed a Momma Greyhound and her litter of 4 pups in January.  The puppies were born 11/13/18.  All 4 pups, (2 males, 2 females) have been adopted!!



If you are interested in adopting either of the female pups, please PM me or shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Thank you!!

***UPDATE....all 4 puppies now have adopters!!...thank you!!***





Conway 1 year old (Born 4/1/17)

***Greyt News....Conway has been adopted!!!***





Jodee 1 year old (Born 3/15/17)






Meet Juniper!


This beautiful red girl is 2 years old (Born 1/22/16)  She is a happy, friendly girl! She was vetted on 11/17.  She was cat tested at the kennel and passed with cats.


***Greyt News...Juniper has been adopted!!!***




 Meet Krispy!
This handsome red & white guy is 1 year old (Born May, 2017) He was recently vetted on October 31st. (neutered, dental cleaning, vaccinations)  He is a quiet guy who is timid/nervous with new people and in new places so he will need to be adopted by a person/family who will be patient with him to allow him to get acclimated at his own pace and help him gain self-confidence.
He has gotten along with every dog here and was actually afraid of our cat when I cat tested him.  
Krispy feels safe when in the company of other dogs, so his forever home should have at least one dog to keep him company.
***Greyt News...Krispy has been adopted!!!***

This beautiful girl is 4 years old (Born 1/20/14). Marion is a happy, friendly, outgoing girl who truly loves life.  She needed to have her front leg amputated due to a bad break, but I assure you she doesn't let that stop her from thoroughly enjoying life.  She runs and plays like any other hound.  She will be vetted and cat tested shortly.  Updates to follow.


***Greyt News...Marion has been adopted!!***

 Meet Privateer!



This beautiful fawn girl is 2 years old.  (Born 10/8/16). She is a happy girl who will be vetted and cat tested shortly.  Updates to follow.


***Greyt News...Privateer has been adopted!!!***



Meet Boss!




If being handsome was a crime, this guy would be locked up!!  Boss is a 1 year old red male (Born 5/15/17) He weighs 77 pounds and has recently been vetted (neutered, dental cleaning, vaccinations updated)  He is a big, quiet guy.  He can be a little timid in new situations but comes around quickly when he knows he is safe.  He gets along with every dog here and will be cat tested shortly.  We have his brother Barney who has a pending adoption and we've previously adopted out his mom, Mary and his aunt, Mystic.


***Greyt News.....Boss has been adopted!!!***


 Meet Wizard!


Wizard5 Wizard6Wizard7


This handsome boy is 1 1/2 years old.  (Born 4/17)  He is Mr Personality!! He loves everybody and wants to be everyone's friend!  He walks up to complete strangers at the pet store (adults & children) during Meet & Greets with his tail wagging and a big smile on his face! He was vetted (neutered/dental cleaning/vaccinations updated) and weighed 73 pounds at his vetting.


He gets along with every dog here and passed cat testing as well.


I honestly can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet!?!  


He is a happy, playful, silly guy who is always in a good mood, never has a bad day.


He would be happiest in a home with a fenced in yard because he finds so much joy in running free in a yard, I couldn't take that away from him.


***Greyt News...Wizard has been adopted!!!***


Meet Oddiah! 


Meet Oddiah!
This beautiful brindle girl just turned 1 in June.  Her birthday is June 4, 2017. She was recently vetted and is now ready to find her forever home.
She is a happy, quiet, friendly girl.  She can be a bit reserved in new situations but comes around quickly.  She weighs 68 pounds. 
She's a sweet girl who gets along beautifully with the other Greyhounds here and is cat friendly. (she was cat tested at the kennel before she arrived here)
***Greyt News....Oddiah has been adopted!!!***




Meet Mystic!


Mystic is a beautiful 6 year old retired racer and brood mom. (Born 10/1/11). She is the litter mate sister of MaryMystic has a gorgeous shiny, deep red coat. She is a calm, quiet, easy going girl who gets along with the other dogs here and passed cat testing. 


***Greyt News...Mystic has been adopted!!!***






Meet Mary!


Mary is a beautiful 6 year old retired racer and brood mom.  (Born 10/1/11).  She is the mother of Baby.


Mary is super calm and gentle and gets along with the other dogs here and passed with cats at the kennel.


***Greyt News...Mary has been adopted!!!***




Meet Baby!


This gorgeous girl is 1 year old. (Born 5/15/17)


She was just vetted (spayed/dental/vaccinations) and is looking for her forever home!


She is a quiet, gentle girl who gets along with the other dogs here and passed with cats at the kennel. 


***Greyt News...Baby has been adopted!!!***
Moose5 Moose8Moose9


Moose is a handsome guy who is 1 year and 3 months old (Born 4/17) He is one of our newest arrivals.  The kennel described him as a playful and happy pup, who just didn't have enough talent to make a track.  He will be vetted (neutered/dental/vaccinations) on July 30th.  More updates to follow.


***Greyt News...Moose has been adopted!!!***


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