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In Loving Memory


6/13/2005 - 4/6/2016

Goose or Goosie, as he was affectionately referred to by his "Mom & Dad" or Gooseberry Jam, as I liked to call him, has crossed into heaven.

I had the pleasure of being Goose's dog sitter as well as his "Auntie Paula".  Goose was a quiet, laid-back guy who truly enjoyed every moment of every day.

We always joked about how much he enjoyed playing "dress up." He was such a good sport, whether I dressed him up as a cow girl, a bunny, a biker dude, he was always up for it!  Many times when I dog sat him, we'd go for drives together and one of the times I took him into our local pet store to try on different Halloween costumes and I don't know who enjoyed it more, Goose and I or the shoppers who stopped what they were doing to watch all his costume changes.
I think what he enjoyed the most was taking walks.  My favorite memory was he and I walking along the Schuylkill River Trail here in Hamburg where we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, under a canopy of trees with dapples of sunlight filtering through.  Afterwards we drove to McDonalds where he enjoyed a cup of vanilla ice cream, another of his "favorites." 
Every moment I spent with him, he reminded me not only to stop and enjoy the beauty around us, but to cherish and appreciate the most important things in life like the warm sunshine on your shoulders, the gentle breeze across your face, the joy of having someone you love walking beside you.

Thank you, Goose, for all our walks, all our memories....Heaven is a more beautiful place with your soul there.  Run fast and free sweet boy, and enjoy chewing those tender tufts of grass that I know you love so much!


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